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Great guitar tone starts with a great guitar setup

My name is Matthew Simmons and I have been playing guitars for more years than I care to remember!  I played mostly electric guitar, coming rather late in life to the joys of acoustics and have owned some great guitars and amps in my travels (and some pretty awful ones as well – mid 70s Strats spring to mind!).  Ever since I bought my first guitar I was seeking to improve its playability and tone.

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I specialise in setting up guitars to enable you to extract their full potential as an instrument and I help guitarists get ‘their’ tone. 

Most guitars can benefit from a professional setup ESPECIALLY new ones.   A good setup can transform a guitar from a dull collection of wood and metal bits to a truly inspirational music instrument. See how I approach my guitar setups here.

Guitar Customisation and Tone Consultancy

Getting ‘that’ tone is something that really fascinates me.

Have you ever lent your guitar to another guitarist and they make it sound totally different? Weird isn’t it?

Are you a great guitarist but you always have difficulty hearing yourself on stage?  Do you wonder if your solos are even cutting through? Have you spent a fortune on replacement pickups and stomp-boxes and still yearn for 'that' tone?

I learnt the answers to these questions the hard way – on the road.  I can help you answer all these questions for you and let you in on some tricks to make sure you cut through without upsetting anyone. To an idea of what I am on about have a look at my thoughts on guitar tone.

The replacement pickup market can be a minefield, but replacing pickups is a really simple and inexpensive way to reinvigorate your instrument.  Click here to get my thoughts on guitar pickups.

Call me if you have trashed you guitar, inadvertently or otherwise, and I will advise you on best repair options. 

My services usually delight my customers and you will see that I have received some great testimonials. Although many customers find me through the Internet, much my work comes my way from word of mouth and repeat business.